Property Tax Portal
Bangalore Development Authority


1. How do I register? 

On the home page, please enter your property ID, Site ID and Your Name(Owner's Name) - Please note that these three items should match our records. Upon a successful match, the system will take you to a screen to enter your phone number and email ID. Upon entering, a One Time Password(OTP) will be sent to your credentials (Phone number and email). Please enter the OTP to view your property data. For the next time login, you can use the mobile number directly.


2. How do I Pay Taxes?

Upon logging in, your property tax details would show up in the tabular column. Click on pay now button to view the tax details, agree to the terms and conditions and press "Pay Now". This will take you to the payment gateway supported by HDFC Bank. You can pay either by credit/debit cards or Netbanking. Upon successful payment, you will receive an SMS and an email alert with an option of downloading the receipt. 

3. What is the payment transaction fail and yet I am debited the tax amount?

Sometimes, due to technical slag, your payment might not go through. Yet you may receive an SMS alerting you about the debit from your bank account. in such cases, You don't have to worry. The amount debited will be credited back to your account within 4 business days. for any query on this, you can always reach us at or call us at 080 -23442273 / 2344227 / 23368615 / 23445005